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Please thoroughly read through the Rules and Regulations. At the bottom of this page is a link to REGISTER. Please print a copy for your members.

Event Held Rain or Shine


SAFETY is Priority ONE for the Parade

NO Open Containers

NO Throwing of any Kind at Any Time – violators will be escorted off the Parade route

NO Soliciting for Donations Parade Day – violators will be escorted off the Parade route

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The following rules and regulations have been established to assure the quality of the parade for both the participants and spectators and are for everyone’s safety. Each entry must have a designated unit captain who must remain with the entry’s float, marching band, or group at all times from the time the parade begins moving and until it disbands. The captain is responsible for the entry, making sure that each person in the unit understands the rules and ensuring that the rules are followed. The Parade Committee reserves the right to remove from the parade any entrant, group or contingent not conforming to the Rules and Regulations or refusing to follow the instructions of the parade officials. The Parade Committee also reserves the right to restrict or limit the number of entrants, accept or reject any unit application and put limits and/or restrictions on any unit accepted into the parade. The Parade Committee reserves the right to place your unit/group anywhere in the Parade we feel will make the parade more enjoyable to watch. In any interpretation of parade rules, the Parade Committee’s decision shall be final.


Safety is Priority One for the parade. The primary focus of the Parade is to provide a safe and enjoyable event for spectators and entrants. Drinking of alcoholic beverages or the unlawful use of controlled or illegal substances in the staging area or in the line of march is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages are forbidden on any float, vehicle or on the person of any parade participant. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or obnoxious behavior will be cause for immediate removal from the Parade, disqualification from award competition, and automatic exclusion from participation in the next year’s parade. FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL, NO CANDY, GIFTS, MERCHANDISE, LITERATURE OR OTHER MATERIALS OR FAVORS OF ANY KIND ARE TO BE THROWN FROM FLOATS OR VEHICLES. This creates a very dangerous situation for children running into the parade route. Should you wish to distribute something, you must use “walkers” on the sides of your vehicle who will hand the item(s) to the crowd. These “walkers” should be at least five (5) feet on either side of the vehicle/float. Violating this rule is grounds for removal from the parade route. Anyone throwing objects from floats or vehicles will receive one caution. If it occurs again, the unit will be removed from the parade and disqualified from prizes and awards. The group and its members will be held personally liable for any accidents. Group leaders are responsible for making sure that everyone in the group knows this. NO ONE MAY STEP ON OR OFF A VEHICLE OR ANY MOTORIZED ENTRY WHILE ON THE PARADE ROUTE. CHILDREN SHALL NOT BE PLACED ON OR REMOVED FROM ANY FLOAT OR OTHER ENTRY WHILE THE FLOAT IS MOVING, EXCEPT FOR AN EMERGENCY. Any entrant that operates a vehicle or equipment in such a way that can be construed as dangerous to spectators or other participants will be removed from the parade. Children under the age of 10 walking in the parade must be accompanied by a responsible adult. It is recommended that there be a minimum of one adult for each 6 children. It is the responsibility of parents to make necessary arrangements to have their children met and picked up at the designated points. Participants on bicycles, tricycles, scooters, skates, skateboards, etc., must wear a helmets and proper safety equipment. Participants shall not shoot or squirt spectators with water guns, silly string, etc. Real or fake guns are not permitted except as part of a military or police unit.


The Committee reserves the right to withdraw any unit of which costume or performance does not meet the parade rules and regulations or conform to the standards of reasonable public taste and fit the parade theme. Any entry violating rules or behaving in an unsafe manner will be subject to immediate removal from the parade by a member of the police department or parade official. All units must complete the entire parade route. Parade Marshals will be stationed along the route and have the authority to regulate spacing and take care of any problems that may develop. All parade entrants are responsible for all vehicles connected with their entry and are responsible for any person marching with their entry. Any entry violating rules or behaving in an unsafe manner will be subject to immediate removal from the parade. All entrants must have a complete list of the names of all participants in their unit. Parade participants should ask their own insurance agents if their insurance offers them sufficient protection while their units are in the parade. Individuals and organizations are expected to perform courteously and in good taste. Groups should not just walk in the parade. They should be chanting, singing, cheering and/or performing. Make it obvious who or what your group is. Costumes that enhance the spirit of the parade are encouraged. Remember, there is a trophy for the Most Enthusiastic. All marching and walking entries should be preceded by marchers carrying a banner or sign clearly identifying their group. All signs and banners must be in good taste or they will be removed by a Parade Marshal. All units must complete the entire 1 mile parade route. Sound of any type must be approved by the Parade Committee and must be at a compatible sound level. To enable spectators to be able to hear and enjoy the music being provided, and as a courtesy to all bands and animals, EMERGENCY VEHICLES ARE PROHIBITED FROM BLOWING THEIR SIRENS, KLAXON OR AIRHORNS ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE. Advertising is permitted only if part of a float or commercial/industrial entry. Fleet logos are allowed on the vehicle used to move the float. “For Sale” signs are not allowed. There is no solicitation of funds by any group. Units are not permitted to distribute any printed literature and/or paper flyers to spectators No political campaigning activities are permitted in or during the parade. The Rumson St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and as such does not endorse any political candidate, political party or political issue. Existing officeholders are invited to march in the parade to represent the office that they hold, but cannot promote themselves as candidates as part of that or any other unit. Candidates for public office who are not currently officeholders can participate in the parade but cannot be the focus, in part or in whole, of any unit. No political information of any kind may be handed out, promoted or displayed as part of any unit including political signs or shirts, political campaign advertising, literature, balloons, stickers, posters, hand-outs, flyers or billboards.


Forward movement maneuvers ONLY are permitted by all units. A spacing of fifty (50) feet between each unit will be enforced. All units are required to close the gap between participants when asked by Parade Marshals and Parade Hosts. At no time will any unit be permitted to stop and perform along the Parade route. All special movements, acts or demonstrations MUST be performed while moving forward.


ANIMALS (See entry below for specific rules regarding horses.) Animals in the parade must be listed on the entry application and have up-to-date vaccinations, be in good medical health and be able to cope with crowds and other animals. All pets are to be on a leash and be under a handler’s control at all times. Entries with animals must have designated “waste pick-up people” or “pooper scoopers” following closely behind with a shovel and bucket/wagon to pick up the piles on the street. The Parade Committee and the Borough of Rumson are not responsible for cleaning up the animals’ waste. Entries without this designated person will not be allowed to enter the parade.

BANDS Each band should have a sign identifying the band. No vehicle may accompany a band. It is expected that each musical unit will play continuously throughout the parade. Irish themed music is encouraged. The Parade pace should be between 90–100 steps per minute. Bands must maintain forward motion at all times. If, for any reason, a gap of greater than fifty (50) feet is created, bands must increase their pace to close the gap.

BICYCLES, SKATEBOARDS, SKATES, SCOOTERS, ETC. Riders of bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, scooters, etc., must wear safety helmets. No exceptions will be made.

CARS/TRUCKS All motorized vehicles must be properly licensed, registered and inspected. They must have the insurance required by the State of New Jersey and carried in the vehicle. Operators must be 18 years of age and be in possession of a valid driver’s license. All vehicles shall proceed at a safe and appropriate speed & shall maintain a safe distance from spectators with no weaving from side to side. Cars must have signs identifying the group it represents. Vehicles with just a business name and no other form of decoration will not be allowed. There will be limit of one (1) vehicle per organization unless the entry is a car club. Any additional vehicles must have prior approval from the Parade Committee. All entries in this category will be reviewed by designated parade volunteers to insure that the vehicle and its driver are in compliance with the rules of the parade. By operating the vehicle in the parade, the owner/operator warrants that the vehicle is in sound mechanical condition with no defects or safety concerns. Decorations cannot impede the driver’s vision. All vehicle windows, mirrors and lights must be visible at all times.

FAMILY CLANS Kids in wagons (decorate them), bikes, strollers and the family dog (on a leash at all times) are all a part of what makes up a Family Clan entry. Start a tradition and join the fun.

FLOATS All entrants may be subject to the Borough of Rumson and the County of Monmouth fire and safety inspections prior to the parade. Float drivers must be at least 18 of aged and possess a valid driver’s license. Drivers must stay with float at all times. Proof of liability insurance as required by the State of New Jersey must also be provided. All motorized vehicles, used to pull the float must possess a current valid registration sticker. Insurance certificates or cards must be available upon request of the Parade Committee. Driver vision shall be 180 degrees. Windows mirrors and lights must be visible on the vehicle at all times. Floats must be constructed with fire resistant materials. Fire extinguishers (rated 2A-10BC) are mandatory on all floats. No smoking is permitted on or near the floats. No lighted candles are permitted on floats. No decorations and/or float construction material or participants may protrude from the side of the float. All electrical devices must be properly grounded. Decorative lighting must be UL approved and rated for outdoor use. Any self-propelled float must have a spotter beside the float who is in two-way communication (e.g., two-way radio) with the float driver. Vehicles that are pulling floats should be incorporated as much as possible into the float and decorated accordingly. The float must maintain a seventy five (75) foot space behind the proceeding unit. Drivers must drive in a straight line with no zigzagging. The organization’s name must be clearly displayed on both the sides of the float. Whatever is depicted on the float should be discernible to all spectators. Floats must be viewable from both sides. Advertising is permitted only if part of a float or commercial/industrial entry. Fleet logos are permitted on the vehicle used to move the float. Float platforms must be at least 7 feet wide and 15 feet long with a fixed axle at/near the rear and a steerable axle at the front. Farm wagons make excellent platforms. Single or tandem axle trailers normally pulled by a car or truck are not desirable. It is recommended by the Police Department that trucks with sideboards/flatbed construction have at least 2” X 2” lumber across the back so that riders cannot fall out. Trailers are limited to 10 feet wide by 26 feet long and may carry no more than 20 riders unless prior approval is obtained from the Parade Committee. The total length of an entry must be less than 30 feet. Floats can be no taller than 11 feet above street level. Float capacity will not be exceeded. All participants riding on open floats shall have a solid sitting arrangement with handholds readily available to them. Any standing participant shall have a means to prevent them from falling from the unit. There must be an adult on all floats where there are children. The ratio of adults to children should be 1:5 for children below the age of 16. Children riding on floats must be seated behind rails or sides of the float. Trucks must have closed tailgates or enclosed backs. Children may not be placed on or removed from any float or motorized vehicle while the float is moving. Children under the age of five (5) may ride, but are not allowed to march in the parade. Floats experiencing mechanical difficulties must notify a parade marshal immediately and move to the side of the street so that others may pass. In the event of a flat tire or if the float can’t proceed under its own power, it should be pushed to the side or to the nearest intersection.

HORSES Anyone wishing to ride a horse in the parade must be affiliated with a recognized riding group or academy. Horse entries must be “people- and crowd-experienced” and safe for all concerned. NO STALLIONS! All horses must be properly trimmed and shod. It is recommended that horses be shod using BORIUM shoes. Equestrian units comprised of riders under 17 years of age must be accompanied by outriders who are 18 years or older. All riders must wear a riding helmet. There must be two outriders for groups of 8 or less riders and four outriders for groups larger than 8 riders. There are no horse trailers allowed in the parade. A special area will be designated for horse trailers. All entries with horses must have designated “waste pick-up people” or “pooper scoopers” following closely behind with a shovel and bucket/wagon to pick up the piles on the street. Entries without this designated person will not be allowed to enter the parade.

MARCHING UNITS Each marching unit must have a minimum of ten (10) marchers and should be preceded by marchers carrying a banner or sign indicating the name of the organization. All members of any marching unit should be at least ten (10) years of age with the exception of the Family Clans. Marching Units should be dressed so that they can easily be identified as a part of the same group. The Parade pace should be between 90–100 steps per minute and there should be a gap of fifty (50) feet between units. No vehicle may accompany marching units other than Police, Fire Companies, and EMS vehicles.

MOTORCYCLES Except for police, motorcycles will not be approved for entry.

NOVELTY ACTS Novelty acts are generally defined as decorated cars/trucks, horses and carriages, clowns, stilt walkers, cartoon characters, team mascots, etc., and are subject to the same rules and regulations as other entrants.

STEP DANCING SCHOOLS No parents, guardians, relatives, family or friends are allowed to follow their child’s school on the parade route. Each school is allowed six (6) chaperones, 2 pairs on each front and back corners. To avoid gaps and to keep the parade moving, Step Dancing Schools must maintain a steady forward movement at all times. Schools may only stop at the two (2) designated ares. Schools must keep pace with the group in front of it.

INSURANCE Any vehicle with an engine or motor and any units having living animals, including equestrian units, must provide, upon request, evidence of insurance for bodily injury and property damage with a combined single limit of $200,000 or split limits of $150,000 each person and $400,000 each occurrence bodily injury liability and $100,000 property damage liability. Any insurance protection which may be necessary during the event is the sole responsibility of the applicant as agent for his organization. The Certificate of Insurance has to come from your insurance company. This is not the insurance identification card you carry in your car!

TERMS of AGREEMENT Violation of any part of this Agreement shall result in the revocation and forfeiture of all rights and privileges, present and/or future, granted by the Rumson St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee. Failure to comply with any of these rules may affect the entrant’s involvement in future parades. Furthermore, the Committee reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any floats, organization or materials, if in the opinion of the Committee, such floats, organization or materials are deemed inappropriate. Participant has read, understands and accepts the terms of this Agreement. Participation in the parade is only by invitation from the Rumson St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee and is the exclusive property, activity and presentation of the Rumson St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Inc. The names of events, symbols, emblems and designs pertaining to the parade and the logo of the Parade Committee may be registered trademarks and may not be used by any participating organization or other organization or individual except with the specific prior written permission of the organization.