Located in historic Monmouth County, Rumson is a truly beautiful community with a diversified population, friendly neighborhoods, and a strong sense of community.

Rumson has a long and rich history. With its unique location and natural beauty, the Rumson Peninsula has attracted people for literally thousands of years. Indian artifacts found in Rumson indicate that the area was inhabited almost 4,000 years before the first English settlers arrived in 1665. The name is derived from the word Navarumsunk, the name given it by the Lenni-Lenape Indians. Rumson was settled in 1665 as the result of a land purchase from Native Americans and officially declared a Borough in 1907.

By the 1870s, the many farms gave way to formal estates. These large estates with their magnificent homes and landscaped settings, created between 1870 and 1930, first brought the beauty of Rumson to the attention of outsiders and established Rumson’s reputation for significant architectural and landscape design. Eminent architects and landscape designers including Bruce Price, Stanford White, Thomas Hastings, and Nathan J. Barrett designed a number of these estates.

The Borough has retained its natural beauty and has also earned an enviable reputation for valuable and artistic landscaping, which enhance and compliment the exceptional architectural endeavors that still exist.

Today, smaller homes throughout the Borough also reflect the heritage of the town. Their gardens, trees, lawn, and hedges are a significant ongoing contribution to the natural beauty of Rumson.

Rumson is also the home of the Sea Bright Lawn Tennis and Cricket Club, founded in 1878 and is listed on the National Register and is the oldest club of its type in continued use.

The Memorial Borough Hall (on the parade route) and its property were a gift to the town by then Mayor W. Warren Barbour, in 1927, in memory of his parents. A new addition named the Charles S. Callman Hall has greatly improved and expanded the use of the Borough Hall.

Bingham Hall, the Borough’s 158 -year-old historic community center located at 40 Bingham Avenue, is used as a meeting place for various Borough activities, as well as for civic, charitable, and educational groups.

For recreational use there are six parks, six tennis courts, and one boat-launching ramp. The Rumson Country Club is a private facility that includes an excellent golf course. The Oceanic Bridge and the Sea Bright Bridge, each connecting the Borough to neighboring towns, offer beautiful views of the two branches of the Shrewsbury River and are pleasant places to walk on a summer’s evening.

Today, the Borough has a population of over 7,100 residents, consists of 5.2 square miles, has 40 miles of roads including 133 streets and five county roads.

There are two dedicated volunteer fire companies, The Oceanic Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, (first formed in 1879) and the Rumson Fire Company (formed in 1905). Another important group is the dependable Volunteer First Aid Squad. This important organization was formed in 1949. The Borough is also proud of its excellent Police Department of 17 well-trained officers and three dispatchers.

There are four religious institutions in town. The Episcopal Church of St. George’s-by-the-River, The Catholic Church of Holy Cross, the Rumson Presbyterian Church, and the Synagogue Congregation B’nai Israel.

Schools in town are four in number including the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, Forrestdale/Deane-Porter public elementary school, a Catholic school (Holy Cross), and a private school (Rumson Country Day School).

Another significant part of the Rumson Community is the Oceanic Free Library that has been in existence since 1920.

Please come and visit our little community and enjoy our hospitality.