The whole idea of having a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Rumson came about because of an article in The Monmouth Journal about Molly Maguire’s Black Point Inn.  In the article, the owner was quoted as saying that she dreamed of a St. Patrick’s Day Parade on East River Road that would pass right in front of their restaurant.  I read that and wondered why there wasn’t a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Rumson; a town that has a huge Irish and Irish – American population.

I met the Mayor and asked his thoughts about a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Rumson.   He was very enthusiastic and invited me to present the idea to the Borough Council.

I met with the council and they said that for them to consider my proposal the parade would have to be all inclusive, that I would need to form a non-profit corporation, self-fund and insure the event.  The name was incorporated, the Board was formed and in early May the Borough Council gave its formal approval.

That was our history until March 10, 2013, the date of the first-ever Rumson St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  On that sunny day, all the hard work of the Parade Committee and the Board resulted in an hour and fifteen minute parade, with over 4,000 people watching more than 800 of their friends and neighbors march down River Road to the sounds of seven bagpipe bands.  It was by all accounts, a great success without any incidents.

Mike Larkin
Founding President